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Student Expectations

Student Expectations

By successfully meeting the Weston Public Schools’ graduation requirements, students will demonstrate proficiency in the following foundational, academic, personal and social competencies:

  • Visual, Verbal, Aural and Written Language
    Comprehension and analysis of visual, verbal, aural and written language necessary for adult learning.
  • Communication Through the Written Word
    Clear and effective communication through the written word.
  • Presentation Skills
    Preparation and delivery of clear and effective presentations to a variety of audiences.
  • Quantitative Problem Solving
    The ability to use quantitative methods for problem solving.
  • Critical and Creative Thinking
    The ability to think critically and creatively:  assess, interpret, evaluate, analyze, and synthesize information.
  • Information Literacy
    The ability to research, apply knowledge and skills across disciplines and synthesize information in order to solve authentic problems.
  • Technology Skills
    The ability to effectively apply technological skills to effective communications and authentic problem solving.
  • Integrity in Identity and Community
    The development of a commitment to act cooperatively, responsibly, and with civility and integrity.
  • Health and Well Being
    The ability to make positive decisions related to physical and emotional wellness.






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