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Principal's Message

Principal’s Message

Principal Laura Kaddis

Welcome to Hurlbutt Elementary School. We welcome our youngest learners into the Weston Public Schools and pride ourselves on providing a caring and welcoming environment for our students, families and the community. Our mission is to educate our students toward development of foundational skills and conceptual understandings, to cultivate character, self- reflection and thoughtful behavior, and to empower them with the tools to discover learning as a process.

Our commitment to excellence begins with our faculty. Hurlbutt’s dedicated teams of teachers and support staff take pride bringing the joy of learning into the daily lives our students. Our students are immersed in a language rich environment which includes Readers and Writers Workshop as a strong component of our balanced literacy program. Across the content areas and throughout the day our students are developing communication skills, analytical thinking and opportunities to use creativity that will prepare them to be successful citizens of the 21st century.

The Responsive Classroom approach teaches our students to act responsibility and to treat each other with respect. As a school community we approach discipline with positive behavioral supports. With the help of our mascot the Hurlbutt Honeybee, we strive each day to “Be Safe, Be Kind, Be Responsible.”

A strong school and family partnership in this endeavor is critical and we are fortunate to have tremendous support from our community. Our PTO is an integral part of our school community. The talent and resources that the PTO brings to our school enriches the lives of all our students.

It is a privilege to serve the community of Weston as principal of Hurlbutt and I look forward to building relationships with your child and your family.

Principal Laura Kaddis

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Assistant Principal's Message

Assistant Principal, Matthew PaylorWelcome to Hurlbutt Elementary School! We are so excited to serve as the inception of a continuous journey through Weston Public Schools. At Hurlbutt, we open our doors and hearts to our earliest learners. We aspire to educate students toward developing foundational skills and conceptual understandings, cultivating character, introducing self-reflection and thoughtful behavior, and empowering them with the tools to discover learning as a process. 

Hurlbutt Elementary School offers a comprehensive curriculum delivered by experienced and dedicated teachers. Our teachers implement a balanced literacy program including reading and writing workshops. Our Math in Focus program allows our students to participate in a comprehensive curriculum that provides a complete and profound understanding of math.

In addition to the academic core, students have access to a range of additional educational enrichment programs, including Art, Health, Information Technology Literacy, Music, Physical Education, and World Language.

We seek to create a loving and caring environment for our kids at Hurlbutt. Students and staff pledge to BE SAFE, BE KIND, and BE RESPONSIBLE via the implementation of a Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PBIS) program. We help our pupils understand and manage their emotions, as well as communicate successfully with others.

We are grateful for our parents’ trust and unwavering support, as well as the whole Weston community. The Hurlbutt PTO is a highly active partner; please support them by joining and getting more involved in our school.

As the assistant principal at Hurlbutt Elementary, it is a joy to serve the Weston community. I’m looking forward to forming new bonds with your child and family.

From my heart to yours,
Assistant Principal
Matthew Paylor