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Grade 2


Second grade is the final year for our youngsters here at Hurlbutt Elementary School. During this year, students will develop further comprehension strategies for reading, higher-order thinking skills, and apply more challenging mathematical concepts.

Our second graders model to the younger students, demonstrating character and sense of community. Acting as reading and math buddies, they gain confidence, and also sharpen the presentation and communication skills that help prepare them for their move to the intermediate school years.


2nd Grade – Biography Resources

Tammy Duckworth

Milton Hershey

Louis Pasteur

Marco Polo – Mariners Museum

Babe Ddrikson Zaharias – Babe Didrikson Zaharias Museum

Oprah Winfrey

Jonas Salk

Roberto Clemente – Borgen Project

Roberto Clemente – Smithsonian Instutution

Roberto Clemente – Scholastic

Roberto Clemente – Baseball Hall of Fame

Sam Walton– Walmart website

Steven Chu–

Leonardo daVinci – string organ invention

Helen Keller- American Foundation for the Blind

Walt Disney– military: Disney Family Museum

Walt Disney– Disney Family Museum

Eleanor Roosevelt– United for Human Rights

Sally Ride – NASA